Thursday, March 21, 2013


I never really loved lipstick because I have thin lips but I think I have an obsession. I love MAC rebel so much. Although, it seems too dark to be wearing at this time of year but I'll still wear it! :)
I love this other shade as well, it's so pink and has a great spring time vibe. What lipsticks do you guys like?
Have an amazing Thursday because tomorrow is TGIF.

xoxo, Bella


  1. Great lipstick colors. Perfect for Spring.

  2. fab colours!

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    Win a Roses & Clementines Rose crown.
    Hope you enter!

    Rachael x

  3. Lovely colours! xx

  4. I love dark colours!! My new love is a dark red lipstick by Avon :)

  5. Love that dark purplish one, I'm searching for a similar colour in matte

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  6. Gorgeous colours - especially the dark shade :)

    I have been wearing Lovelorn a lot recently, just a bright lippy to make me feel a bit more cheerful in this miserable weather! x

    Sarah @ xx


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