Friday, January 4, 2013

The secret to washing your hair to perfection and an interview!

This is my first beauty post and I'm beginning to digress into the feeling that my blog is becoming a blog about personal style (coming soon), fashion everywhere, and beauty. It's just about femininity and I will have a schedule with what I post every day so for example, DIY Monday? Let me know what you think!

I have always wondered what the deal is with putting such a much gooier (?) substance on your head and then something so creamy right after. 
You put shampoo and conditioner together like PB&J but do you really know how it is meant to be put on?

When you put on shampoo, it is like body wash for your scalp. It removes all of the dead skin cells.
When you put on shampoo you're always supposed to scrub until you get that white foamy soap on your hair, this means your hair is squeaky clean from the dirt and grease. (Be careful not to damage your scalp because when you go to wash next time the soap may sting the cut/wound)
When you put on conditioner, it's not meant to be piled on your scalp because it will make your hair greasy faster. Your scalp already has its own natural oils so you don't need to add onto that with so much conditioner. It is safe to say that conditioner is meant to be more on the ends than the root. Always make sure to comb it through your hair with your fingers to get the best use out of it. 
Picture from my Instagram.   
These are simple secrets to washing your hair to perfection! If you want healthier hair, always use shampoo/conditioner that is especially for your hair type and your hair will be happy! I recommend Suave with keratin infusion because it leaves your hair smelling great and soft. People always ask me how I get my hair so long (pictured above) and pretty and I use this!  Hope this helps! Sometime next week I'll be having an interview from Jennifer at Art In Our Blood so stay tuned!

xoxo, Bella


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