Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Well this sucks.

My post on lookbook was flagged/taken down a couple of hours after I put it up and it was so sad to get the email from the lookbook team. I wanted to put at least one up until I got a hold of a better camera from my photography class. Well, when I take those pictures I hope you'll like them. I got a few comments on my last post but they were most of people asking me to join their giveaways. :( Hope my next post will be of one of my outfits. xoxo


  1. Don't loose your courage while waiting for you can post your inspirations, selections mode or beauty's tricks!!


    Discover my blog and does not hesitate in you aborner

  2. Thanks so much! I thought of that before but I never thought of it so early in my blogs lifespan. haha. But a beauty will do. :)


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